Co-Presidents’ Message

Hello Group Therapists, Group Leaders, Group Facilitators

We would like to welcome you to our website, our conference and to our Sunday Night Seminars. We encourage you to become involved in the growth of our organization, to benefit from being involved with us, and to join us in meeting the ever-changing needs of group leaders. CGPA has been around for 38 years and during that time building a group therapy community has been central to our purpose and we are excited to explore ways in which we can continue to make this happen. Networking is how we connect, inspire each other, and engage in the flow of ideas. Over the years, CGPA conferences and experiential training groups have challenged us to be the best group leaders possible by deeply connecting our work with our own life experiences. Work that continues to grow and develop as we become involved with CGPA.

What’s different about the offerings at CGPA? We offer a supportive network of similar learners, who take the risks necessary to gain insight into the sophisticated skill set required to engage group participants in the vulnerable but empowering journey of group facilitation. All while improving the functioning in their groups, simultaneously paying close attention to their own personal growth and development as practitioners. “Walking the talk” is one of the cornerstones of this organization and emerges in all that we do—at conferences or experiential training days, and we practice these skills in workshops. Then, Sunday Night Seminars are times when we can show each other what group methods and development have occurred in our practise and share with each other the results of our growth. As you can see, CGPA is a great sense of support where members have a network of professionals to bounce ideas off of and to problem-solve glitches in group process. CGPA is YOUR group to support you in your efforts to be the best group facilitator possible and in this, to feel seen and valued…..such an invaluable resource.

We invite you to look at our website and the information about the 2019 conference in Canmore Alberta October 28-30, Groups: For the Health of It! Read the testimonials from past attendees and consider attending this conference. Part of what we know, the more involved you become, the more benefits you will receive and the more confident you are as a group leader, facilitator or group therapist. We welcome your participation into our group. We look forward to getting to know you.

Ruth & John
Co-Presidents, CGPA Board of Directors