Updates from the President

November 2010 – Dear CGPA Members and Friends,

CGPA has arrived at a defining moment in our history. Faced with many serious challenges

including declining membership, diminishing human and financial resources and closure of

local sections and training programs it is easy to feel pessimistic about our future .

But I don’t see these developments as evidence that CGPA is failing. Rather I see them as

“symptoms” of the increasing need for a new paradigm of thinking and operating as an

organization. CGPA has unquestionably enjoyed great success over the past 31 years and

should feel proud that it has managed to remain relevant through many uncertain periods in the

Canadian non profit sector. But conditions are changing very rapidly now. With the incredible

impact of technology, increased competition and the financial challenges faced in within the

health care sector the time has come to pause to reflect and then chart our course for the

future. More than ever we need to join together with a focus on our mandate so that we insure

that our organization and our important work is truly sustainable.  Read More

July 2010 – Update # 4

I strongly believe that building collaborative connections within our group and with

other professional organizations and sharing information and resources is essential if we are going

to grow as an organization.  Read More

March 2010 – Update # 3

AGPA Annual Conference- the American Group Psychotherapy Association held its annual

 conference at the end of February in San Diego California and Canada was well represented by many

 of our CGPA membersRead More 

January 2010 – Update # 2

This is the second of what I hope will be monthly updates sent out to our CGPA members. My goal is to keep you apprised of what is happening in our organization and to connect you to other useful information and resources that may come my way in my current role as president.  Read More

December 2009 – Update # 1

I am very pleased and honored to be ‘in transition’ as your incoming President of CGPA. I say in transition because I believe that it takes time to assume any new role and to feel comfortable and competent in it.  Read More

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