The CGPA: Group Therapy, Group Training, Group Facilitation ‘s aim is to encourage, foster, sponsor, and provide training and education about group processes, including psychotherapy, for all those interested in, and working with, groups across Canada. The annual national conference, multi-center bi annual experiential training groups and monthly teleconference educational seminars provides a unique and rich opportunity for group practitioners and leaders to advance their knowledge and skill. Most disciplines are able to receive continuing education credits for participating in these events.

Within the Sections and Communities of Practice, educational events are geared to meet specific regional and local interests. Those wanting to provide training can tap into expertise from across the nation through the Presenters Directory.

In addition, the Association advances group practice and training by recommending setting national training standards. Regional training is available in many areas across the country including Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Ottawa and Atlantic Canada.

Winnipeg: Manitoba Section Training Program

Chair: Joan-Dianne Smith, MSW, FCGPA

Phone: (204) 947-3845


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Northern British Columbia Section

Training Workshops and Experiential Process Groups for Therapists

Phone: (250) 564-4596

Co-chairs: Dr. John Sherry, PhD, Med, & Lois Goodman, RN, FCGPA

Location: Prince George, CGPA Northern British Columbia Section


CGPA is renowned for our excellence conference workshops presented by accomplished clinicians, theorists and researchers. All regions have potential to offer Group Psychotherapy workshops within their locality between conferences. The development of a Directory will identify potential presenters and the specific topics they offer. This Directory will be accessible to the National and Section executives.

Members interested in being included on the Directory please submit to

Upon sending email please include the following information:

– Presenter’s Name,

– Phone Number,

– Email Address

– Presentation Topic

Toronto: Toronto Institute of Group studies



Phone: 416-588-6819

Fax: 416-222-4430

Location: TS Medical Centre

692 Euclid Avenue

Toronto, Ontario, M6G 2T9

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