CORE-R Battery

Below is a series of four articles on research instruments (the CORE-R Battery) that can be used by group therapists in their practice. The articles are posted here with permission from the American Group Psychotherapy Association.

GpCircle – CORE-R 1 – Burlingame

Revisiting AGPA’s CORE battery: Another approach for group therapists to use in adapting to the pressure for evidence-based group practice

by Gary Burlingame, PhD.

GpCircle – CORE-R 2 -Ogrodniczuk

CORE-R battery: Assessment of group therapy outcomes

by John Ogrodniczuk, PhD.

GpCircle – CORE-R 3 – Joyce

The revised CORE battery:Assessment of group therapy process

by Anthony Joyce, PhD, FCGPA.

GpCircle – CORE-R 4 – MacNair-Semands

CORE-R battery: Group selection and pre-group preparation

by Rebecca MacNair-Semands, PhD.

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