34th CGPA Conference

CGPA: Group Therapy, Group Training, Group Facilitation

CGPA’s 34th Annual Conference

Winnipeg, Manitoba

May 8th to 11th, 2013

Reconciliation: Groups Moving Forward

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Physician Rate

3 Day Physician (Includes Banquet Ticket)                   $475.00

2 Day Physician (Includes Banquet Ticket)                   $375.00

1 Day Physician                                                      $250.00


Non Physician Rate

3 Day Non Physician (Includes Banquet Ticket)           $375.00

2 Day Non Physician (Includes Banquet Ticket)           $250.00

1 Day Non Physician                                                  $175.00


Student Rate

3 Day Student (Includes Banquet Ticket)                      $250.00

2 Day Student (Includes Banquet Ticket)                      $175.00

1 Day Student                                                          $125.00


Retiree Rate

3 Day Retiree (Includes Banquet Ticket)                       $250.00

2 Day Retiree (Includes Banquet Ticket)                       $175.00

1 Day Retiree                                                              $125.00



Wednesday National Training                                        $125.00

Banquet Ticket / Additional Guest                                   $30.00



St. Benedict’s Retreat & Conference Centre

225 Masters Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

You are strongly encouraged to consider staying on site for the additional informal group experiences. Please be aware that off site alternative accommodations are available at quite a distance which will involve a time consuming inconvenient commute which will detract from the fullness of the program.

Room Cost:

Shared Room (2 Single beds) – $35.00 per person per night

Private Room – $55.00 per person per night

Space is limited. Book early!

To book a room at St. Benedict’s Retreat & Conference Centre

Email: Ruth B Z Thomson




Other Accommodations (a transfer of about 20 minutes from hotel to conference site):

Humphry Inn & Suites
260 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB  R3C 1A9

Phone: 204-942-4222
Toll Free: 1-877-HUMPHRY (486-7479)

Canad Inns Destination Centre Garden City

2100 McPhillips Street
Winnipeg, MB   R2V 3T9

ph: (204) 633-0024
tf: 1-888 33-CANAD (22623)
email: gardencity@canadinns.com



Inspiring Keynotes

Dr. Donna Markham:   Reconciliation

Dr. Molyn Leszcz:       Supervision: Repair And Reconciliation


Excellence in Training

The National Training Committee (NTC) will be offering all day courses on Fundamentals of Group Process and Group Leadership.


Self Discovery

Our new Experiential Training Groups (ETG’s) are designed to ensure you have an opportunity to gain an experiential understanding of the principles you learn. These remain one of the most valued, unique and enticing opportunities that CGPA has to offer.


Large Group Experiences

Dr. Donna Markham: Spirit Linking: Overcoming Resistance to Change

Dr. Molyn Leszcz: Transparency and the Therapeutic use of Self


Exciting Workshops

Learning by experience: process groups for facilitators

John Sherry, Ph.D.

Vulnerability and Acceptance as Pathways towards Reconciliation and Growth

Dr. Culver, M.D.

Creating ‘Circles of Trust’: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life

Dianne Baker M.A.

The Healing is in the Poison: The role of grieving in reconciling hurt and moving towards forgiveness

Jacqueline Kinley M.D. FRCPC, Diplomat ABPN

“Hey you … ya you – I’ve got an eye for you!” –Bonding, Attaching, Struggling, and Connecting: Psychotherapy with Borderline Personality Disorder pathology

Allen Surkis. Ph.D., C Psych, FCGPA

Group Therapy with Older Adults: Overcoming Barriers

Ken Schwartz, MD., FRCPC

New Academic Initiatives

Posters outlining new applications and findings!  CBT-based psycho-educational groups, groups Enhancing Resilience and Attachment Style changes following group interventions.  

Opportunities to Network with Colleagues and Socialize with Friends…  And much more!

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