Rationale for being a Sponsor or a Patron


Who Should Consider a Patron Membership?

A Patron Member sees the value of, CGPA group therapy, training and facilitation, and would like the association to be sustainable. They support the association remaining affordable and available to all who use groups in their work from all regions of Canada. They have the motivation and the resources to pay a higher fee for their membership.


Sponsorship Program

Who Should Partner with CGPA?

Clinical Service Providers – Patient treatment programs, Private hospitals, Insurance companies, Government agencies, pharmaceuticals

Continuing Education – Mental health organizations, publishers, audio/video training recordings, training programs

Financial Planning and Administration – Brokerage houses, insurance companies, computer supply companies, office design services

Recreation and Entertainment – Travel services, sporting goods, vacation spots, leisure activities

Health and Personal Awareness – Fitness equipment, gyms, personal trainers, health, beauty and wellness providers and products

Why Partner with CGPA?

Gain Exposure and Visibility for Your Organization’s Products and Services

Network with mental health professionals, including psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, clinical mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, students, nurses, and managerial and business service providers.

  • Complimentary listing of your products and services in the Conference Publication distributed to all Annual Meeting attendees
  • Advertising opportunities available in Annual Meeting publications
  • Sponsorship opportunities reinforce your presence as an exhibitor at the meeting

Your partnership with us demonstrates your support of providing quality group therapy and group work. This program is a beneficial partnership opportunity for mental healthcare delivery systems (e.g. community healthcare groups, hospitals, clinics, agencies, group practices) as well as public and private corporations; businesses and organizations interested in group therapy, mental health issues and the understanding of groups dynamics for optimum functioning.

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