Presidents Message

RuthLindaOn behalf of the CGPA Board, Co-Presidents Ruth BZ Thomson and Linda McFadyen, would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2018! We are looking forward to welcoming our members to an exciting year ahead. The new board has already begun to work together to form our new ‘working group’! Organizationally, CGPA provides group education and networking opportunities on a local and national level. We have a collaborative relationship with the CGPA Foundation, which provides support to our training.

Planning has begun for our major events this year including our ‘Cross Canada’ local Experiential Group Trainings (ETG’s) on May 5, 2018 and our National Conference to be held October 24-26 in Winnipeg. We also provide monthly Group Seminars on a wide range of group issues, hosted by a variety of seasoned practitioners. These are on the website and can be accessed through our tele-conference system.

We look forward to inviting new members to our organization. We continue to expand our training opportunities through a more diversified approach to both the delivery methods of our educational services and the training content. We want to offer training that is accessible and that reflects the varied group practices and services offered in our communities, including the importance of ‘group work’ in our business and corporate sector. While we continue to value traditional group psychotherapy training, we recognize that there are several other forms of group work active in our communities.

As we plan for our upcoming events this year we look forward to connecting with our loyal CGPA friends and supporters as well as welcoming new group therapists, leaders and facilitators to our organization to broaden and enhance our group network.

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