We will create public awareness about the merits of group processes and therapy in Canada, and become the primary resource for expertise, education and networking in the field. 


To provide Canada-wide accessible expertise, education and networking resources to students and professionals interested in group processes and therapy.

Guiding Principle:

01. We understand a group to mean more than just a collection of individuals but an entity in and of itself operating from a shared purpose or common intention. This may be task related or a commitment to reflecting on their process for the purpose of personal growth.Vision Mission
02, We recognize the immense value of working in the group format because of the availability of multi perspectives and the synergy created through the activation of therapeutic factors unavailable in the individual context.
03. We acknowledge the relevance and centrality of unconscious processes (both individual and collective) in the life of all groups.
04. We understand that there are external factors that impact on groups and the individuals within them, including but not limited to cultural, sociopolitical, ethnic, and economic factors.
05. We contextualize possible applications of group knowledge as existing on a continuum from:

  • Clinical to non-clinical
  • Structured to unstructured
  • Traditional to non-traditional

06. We recognize the value of group therapy as well as group counseling and non-clinical applications of this knowledge (i.e. clinical practice, training, education, research, social activism and consultancy.)