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  • To enhance knowledge related to current and new approaches to group therapy and group leadership, from the clinic to the board room
  • To enhance understanding of best practices and standards of excellence as they relate to team development, group performance and group therapy
  • To network with national participants who share a passion for groups to deliver group training and supervision techniques/modalities

Come as a novice group leader and leave inspired!
Come as a skilled leader, share your knowledge, leave energized and inspired to lead on!
Come as an individual and leave connected to a large group network of resources!
Learning at all levels and a welcome for everyone.

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“As someone new to facilitating groups, this conference gave me the confidence boost I needed to get started. The speakers provided valuable and varied perspectives which helped me understand there is no “one right way” to run a group. The experiential group training day provided the real life, not-just-theory, learning that tied the rest of the conference experience together for me. “
Genny Heroux- M.S.W., R.S.W., – Clinical Social Work/Therapist

I was nervous about attending my first CGPA event as I didn’t know anyone, but the group was so warm and welcoming that I felt instantly comfortable. I’d been looking for like-minded folks who were also passionate about group work for a long time. I have met and learned from so many wonderful people from across the country through this association.
Rehana Hirji- Occupational Therapist, Psychotherapist at Mount Sinai Hospital

I would like to say that our national conferences never fail to leave me rejuvenated and inspired! The networking with colleagues from across the country is fantastic. There is no other forum like it to bring group therapists together to share their knowledge and experience with one another. I have learned something new from every conference that I have attended and hopefully my practice has been enhanced. Fun and relaxation time is an added bonus!
Linda R McFadyen, M.S.W., R.S.W., F.C.G.P.A. – Clinical Social Worker

My experience at CGPA in Toronto was life changing both professionally and personally! To have the opportunity to put myself into the work… by participating in a Process group with outstanding facilitators has challenged my own way of being in relationships. Given the space to experience the work and to connect with like-minded clinicians is a priceless gift to myself!
Margaret Ann Fuller MEd, CCC Counsellor, University of Northern British Columbia Territory of the Lheidli T’enneh

In October 2018, I had the privilege of attending my first Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association Conference. This conference was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was here, that I was able to connect to and meet like-minded, skilled group therapists. This allowed me to feel validated, and excited about group therapy. Working as an individual therapist in a small community, can feel isolating at times so it was helpful to connect to others in the field. As a first time attendee, I found the other attendees and presenters to be very warm, and welcoming. This allowed me to feel included and eager to learn. I enjoyed that this conference was very much experiential, and interactive which provided many opportunities to get to know the others, and share my own thoughts, and feelings. I also found group sizes to be smaller which felt more intimate, and comfortable. On the last day, I had the privilege of attending an experiential training group (ETG). Here, I was able to learn and reflect on my own reactions, and responses to others which was a very powerful experience to me. I found this was a very helpful way to end the week. My first time experience opened up an opportunity for me to now be a board member of the CGPA community, and I look forward to being part of this wonderful organization and attend more conferences in the future.
Doriana Pantuso, M.Ed , Counsellor, Northern Health

As a seasoned veteran in Media Marketing and Sales, I have been tasked and trusted with leading, mentoring and managing many high-performance teams over the years. This responsibility demanded that I stay current with the ever-evolving theories and practices focused on helping individuals to realize their own potential while also contributing to the ‘group’. Can’t tell you how many traditional ‘courses’ I’ve taken over the years in this regard, but I can say that I was pretty darned pleased and impressed with what I was able to glean and learn from my recent experiences generally with the CGPA and especially from the CGPA’s Halifax Conference in particular. As current Chair of the SAC (Sales Advisory Council) of the CPSA (Canadian Professional Sales Association) I am enthusiastically recommending Group Therapy training and ETG experience(s) as a way of maximizing one’s personal EQ which is so fundamental to effective group leadership.
Ed Voltan – CEO – CHMN