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This listing of groups is not as endorsement on the part of CGPA of any specific member. It is up to the potential client to exercise due diligence in choosing a group or a therapist.

City: Kingston, ON

Therapists name: Robert A. O’Brien

Suitable Clients for this Group: 

Men/Women Seeking Greater Self-Awareness

Therapist’s Bio: Bob has 42 years of experience in the mental health field as a Pastor, Hospital Chaplain, Social Work Therapist,Hospital Social Worker, Family Court Social Worker, University Adjunct Professor and Private practice Psychotherapist. See for detailed history & education.

Group Description: Therapy services are provided through tele-conferencing, sometimes known as Cyber counselling. We focus on depression and other debilitating mental health issues utilizing the modality of Group Psychotherapy.  On-line therapy is as confidential and as effective as one-on-one therapy in an office. The difference? Enjoining therapy in the comfort and privacy of one’s own living room.

Address: 120 Clarence St.,Suite 204  K7L 1X4

Time/Day/Frequency: Weekly – Tuesdays 7:00-8:30pm

Fee: $55.00 per session

Contact information: 612-770-2954,

City: Toronto, ON

Therapists name: John T. Salvendy, MD

Suitable Clients for this Group: focus on self-esteem, communication, relationships,depression ( quite a few members are on anti-depressant medications , access to medication specialists available) ,getting in touch with one’s emotions and being able to express them.Participants are functional in everyday life and present with long standing problems.Not suitable for crisis intervention.Commitment for a year minimally is required.

Therapist’s Bio: Graduate of the University of Vienna, , Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto and in private practice since 1993.Founding president of CGPA,Published 60 peer reviewed articles, two books and presented 250 papers and workshops.I have been doing groups, which are the core of my work, for 45 years

Group Description: I am leading seven groups a week.The focus is interpersonal and insight fostering. My approach is holistic and inclusive, reflecting my exposure to and experience with a variety schools of thought out of which my unique style evolved.Some members are on medication but generally well functioning.

Address: 120 Eglinton Ave East, 710, Toronto, ON – Ontario M4P1E2 Canada

Time/Day/Frequency: Tuesday+Thursday 8.45- 10.30 AM, Wednesday+Thursday 2-3.45 PM, Tuesday+Wednesday+Thursday 4.15-6 PM, all once a week.

Fee: fully covered by OHIP, missed sessions are charged $ 57.80

Contact information: (416)932-9770,

City: Toronto, ON

Therapists name: Jason Winkler

Suitable Clients for this Group: Psychotherapists

Therapist’s Bio: Jason Winkler is a Registered Psychotherapist in private practice and a faculty member of the Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy (TIRP – His approach is relational, existential and psychodynamic, with a relational/modern analytic orientation to group work.

Group Description:Existential Reading and Process Group for Therapists. This is a group for psychotherapists to explore key concepts in existential philosophy, as applied to the therapist’s internal process and approach to client work. Themes of existential psychotherapy will be integrated into the explorations in the group process.

Address: Bloorcourt Therapy, 823-A Bloor Street West, 2nd Floor, ON Toronto, Canada

Time/Day/Frequency: Twelve Sundays from Jan-Dec in 2016 (not July/Aug)

Fee: $600 before December 1st, $675 after

Contact information: (416) 378-8344

City: Toronto, ON

Therapists name:  Steve Schklar, RP

Suitable Clients for this Group: Adults

Therapist’s Bio: Group therapist since 1995. Ongoing Psychodynamic Group. Focus on interpersonal and relational growth. For more on Steve please visit voice: 416.603.2177

Group Description:Group is for adults who are looking to commit to their personal growth and improve their interpersonal/relational awareness and skills. This group is open to therapists and non-therapists, LGBTQ positive, and will be composed of those willing to commit to weekly sessions for at least six months.

City: Toronto, ON

Address: 140A Euclid Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6J 2J9, Canada

Time/Day/Frequency: Weekly

Fee: $56.50/session payable Monthly

Contact information: 416.603.2177 or

City: Toronto, ON

Therapists name:  Aida Cabecinha

Suitable Clients for this Group: Women and Men wanting to improve their interpersonal functioning and the quality of their relationships.

Therapist’s Bio: Registered Occupational Therapist, practicing in group psychotherapy. Over 30 years of mental health clinical experience and group therapies. Co-Director and faculty at  the Toronto Institute of Group Studies. CGPA board of directors serving as chair of the National Training Committee.

Group Description:

An open ended interpersonal group for women and men that provides its members with a safe and compassionate space to heal and grow in their effectiveness in relationships. Group members will have an opportunity to examine their style of relating to others, explore interpersonal patterns that interfere with intimacy and closeness and learn more adaptive ways to work through relationship challenges.

City: Toronto, ON

Address: 692 Euclid Ave. Toronto, M5R 3A7

Time/Day/Frequency: Wednesdays 6:00pm-7:30pm.

Fee: $50.00 per group session; $120.00 per individual pre-group assessment and preparation session.

Contact information: 416-402-6930 or

City: Toronto, ON

Therapists name:  Steve Schklar

Suitable Clients for this Group: Adults wanting improved understanding of self and relationships

Therapist’s Bio: Private Practice in Group Psychotherapy for twenty years in downtown Toronto. Psychodynamic orientation, focus on interpersonal relationships, working on ‘here and now’ interactions.

Group Description: Group is on-going and is suitable for Adults. It is preferable that participants have had some experience in personal or group therapy previously but who are in search of a safe and confidential place where they may risk new self awareness and interaction with others.

City: Toronto, ON

Address: 140-A Euclid Avenue, Toronto, ON M6J 2J9, Canada

Time/Day/Frequency: 5:30/Wednesday or Thursday/Weekly

Fee: $56.50/session, payable first session of month

Contact information: 416-603-2177 or

City: Langley, BC

Therapists name:  Dr. Colleen Wilkie, Registered Psychologist (#1180)

Suitable Clients for this Group: Adults wanting to improve their relationships

Therapist’s Bio: I have over 20 years clinical experience helping people feel better about themselves and their relationships through individual, couples, and group therapy. I have supplemented my formal training with a certificate in group therapy from CGPA, and also offer consultation, supervision, and continuing education to clinicians who provide group therapy.

Group Description: Do you feel that you’ve lost yourself in your relationships? Do you avoid conflict or find others hurt by your honest feedback? In this small ongoing group you can learn to give and receive feedback in a supportive environment and risk to make lasting changes. Visit:

City: Langley, BC

Address: 5171 – 221A Street #203, Langley, BC V2Y 0A2, Canada

Time/Day/Frequency: Every Tuesday, 6:30-8:00 pm, starting Nov. 18, 2014

Fee: $50 per group session, $165 for individual session to discuss treatment goals

Contact information: 604-525-9214 or

City: Toronto

Therapists name:  Ellen Chang, M.S.W, R.S.W

Suitable Clients for this Group: Young adults ages 12-24 who are grieving from a homicide, suicide or death due to natural causes.

Group Description: A bereavement group for adolescents and young adults

City: Toronto

Address: East Metro Youth Services, 1200 Markham road, Suite 200, Scarborough, ON

Time/Day/Frequency: 5:00 – 7:00pm

June 24, 2014 (12-15 years-old)

July 8, 2014 (16-24 years-old)

Fee: Free Group Provided by Bereaved Families of Ontario & East Metro

Contact information: David O’Brien (East Metro): 416-438-3697 ext 360 Jacqueline Menagh (BFO) 416-440-0290 ext 2

City: Toronto

Therapists name:  Steve Schklar

Suitable Clients for this Group: Psychotherapist currently practicing

Group Description: Weekly therapy group for practicing psychotherapists. Focus on countertransference, personal growth, interpersonal relationships.

Openings available for September 2014. Minimum commitment is six months. Group is on-going.

City: Toronto

Address: 140-A Euclid Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6J 2J9, Canada

Time/Day/Frequency: 12:30-2:00 Tuesdays

Fee: $50.00/session + HST

Contact information: 416.603.2177

City: Toronto

Therapists name:  Kasra khorasani

Suitable Clients for this Group: Psychotherapist

Therapist’s Bio: Psychiatrist, Group Psychotherapist and relational psychoanalyst on faculty at University of Toronto Department of psychiatry since 1995. Supervise psychotherapists in training and in the community. Facilitate process groups for psychotherapists and run supervision groups for psychotherapists.

Group Description: Open ended process groups for MD and non MD psychotherapists

City: Toronto

Address: 692 Euclid Ave, Toronto, Ontario M5R 3A7, Canada

Time/Day/Frequency: 1:30 – 3:15 pm, Tuesday , weekly

Fee: OHIP covered, Clients will be billed for missed sessions.

Contact information: 416 627 4590 or

City: Toronto

Therapists name:  Gwen Schauerte M.Ed.

Suitable Clients for this Group: Women who have had some therapy and are interested in deeper group interaction.

Therapist’s Bio: Experienced facilitator of therapy groups and wellness workshops Past groups: Anxiety Disorder Syndrome Group, Working Women’s Support Group and healing circles. Psychotherapist since 1991, Master’s of Education degree from U of T. Mixed or women’s groups are available. Website:

Group Description: “How to Grow Deeper Connections with Others” Ongoing group – 12 week commitment Experiential group to improve relating skills and develop one’s sense of self Learn to: maintain connection, become more present, express feelings constructively and deepen capacity for listening Download flyer:

City: Toronto

Address: Bloor and Ossington area Toronto, Toronto Ontario Canada

Time/Day/Frequency: Every Monday 7:00pm to 9:30pm

Fee: $25 per group plus initial intake appointment

Contact information: (416) 526-0134 or


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