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Historically CGPA operated with a model which included regional or local sections across the country. These sections focused on providing educational, networking and training events tailored to meet the specific interests of the regional membership. The sections carried out the aims of CGPA in promoting interest and education in group psychotherapy.

In order to organize as a section, a region had to have have at least 10 members of CGPA residing in reasonable geographic proximity to carry out the objectives of CGPA as they apply to local conditions.

Since 2010 CGPA has undergone a period of significant change and renewal and in that process a new model of organization at the local level has emerged. “Communities of Practice” are beginning to take shape and we are committed to finding new and innovative ways of supporting these vibrant groups.

We still have two formal CGPA sections in Prince George and Manitoba and and we would like to acknowledge the incredible efforts of the members of these sections to promote group therapy education in their regions. We are committed to continuing our important work and finding ways to collaborate.


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Despite the trend towards local section closures, we remain confident that our commitment to building a strong National infrastructure will ensure that going forward we’re much better positioned to support local initiatives, and communities of practice as they emerge or reemerge across the country.

The group can evolve naturally because of the members’ common interest in a particular domain or area, or it can be created specifically with the goal of gaining knowledge related to their field. It is through the process of sharing information and experiences with the group that the members learn from each other, and have an opportunity to develop themselves personally and professionally.

Regional Sections Websites:

Communities of Practice Websites

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