Board Committees

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1) Conference Steering Committee

Joan-Dianne Smith, Chair

  • Sue Munro, First Stage Representative
  • Maureen Coleman
  • Jackie Kinley
  • Ruth BZ Thomson

2) Membership Marketing and Communication MMC

CGPA Membership Marketing and Communication Committee

Ed Voltan Chair

  • Edward Yazda
  • Sandy Ramsay
  • Bryan Walsh

3) National Training

National Training Committee Mandate

Aida Cabecinha, Chair

  • Jackie Kinley
  • John Sherry
  • Lois Goodman
  • Susan Farrow
  • Michelle Harrison

4) Finance, Operations

  • Ken Schwartz
  • Doug Rosser, First Stage Rep

5) Board Issues

Joan-Dianne Smith, Chair

  • Colleen Wilkie
  • Stephan Gillies

6) Mentorship committee

  • Sandy Ramsey
  • Maria Christoploulos
  • Terry Simonik


1) Archives

Kasra Khorasani, Chair

  • Joan-Dianne Smith
  • Terry Simonik

2) Contractual Agreements

Stephan Sillies, Chair  

  • Maureen Coleman
  • Terry Simonik
  • Kasra Khorasani


1) Editor in the loop

Rowan Sharkey, Editor in the Loop


2) MD Psychotherapy Association of Canada (PAC), liaison

Andre Roch


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